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Tree Fertilization in Clearwater, FL

Often times, the first impression that guests and clients have of your home or business is the look of your lawn. An attractive landscape marked by healthy green trees helps make your space feel welcoming and adds substantial curb appeal. If your trees aren't looking as vibrant as you would like, it may be to a nutrient deficiency. Revitalize your greenery with professional tree fertilization in Clearwater, FL.

At Alexander's Tree Service, our dedicated professionals are here for you and all of your tree care needs. As a team of certified arborists, we are committed to helping you grow your trees to their full potential with our tree fertilizing service. If overbearing weather conditions such as drought or floods have stripped your soil of nutrients, we consider it our obligation to help replenish it. With over 20 years of experience, our skilled professionals are familiar every aspect of tree fertilization. We also are equipped to provide specialized deep root feeding services to improve your soil conditions and help your plant life flourish.

Emulate a Natural Environment with Our Tree Fertilizing Service

In a natural wooded environment, trees and shrubs thrive in rich, organic soil that contains vital nutrients in abundance. Forest floors and its deeply bedded soil are teeming with microorganisms that help break down organic litter and aid nutrient uptake. Proper fertilization not only feeds plant life itself, but it also feeds the microorganisms that help make the soil rich in precious vitamins and minerals. Rely on our experts for tree fertilizing service that replaces missing nutrients and increase overall vitality with a healthier, happier landscape.

Home and business owners tend to remove fallen leaves, organic matter, and other resources in favor of aesthetics that would otherwise help landscapes thrive. With our professional treatment, we work to give your landscape trees better blooms, luxurious foliage, and increased strength, while adding value to your property.

Tree Fertilization in Clearwater, FL

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Promote Long-Term Growth with Deep Root Fertilizing

Deep root fertilizing is the most effective method for fertilizing large trees and shrubs. Through this unique process, a liquid, time-release fertilizer is injected into the root zone in a specified pattern. The slow-release action of our fertilizer helps to aerate the soil and provide feeding roots with much needed nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and several other macro-nutrients.

Let our experts help improve various factors that contribute to tree growth, such as water retention, microbial activity, and overall fertility. With regular treatment from our professionals, you'll have beautiful greenery that continues to offer a picturesque view for years to come.

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